A unique approach...

You're already a powerful, impactful woman.

Our role is to help you see in yourself what we see.

To help you acknowledge the powerful, unique and influential woman you already are.

We're highly trained, experienced and skilled coaches - but you're the expert on your career, business and life journey!

We'll help you unlock your own expertise, confidence, self-leadership and wellbeing, so you can thrive from this empowered place.

Thrive 1:1 coaching is for you if...


An impact driven woman, making your unique difference in the world.

You're ready to:

  • Enhance your performance, wellbeing and achieve your personal, career and business goals in a way that feels good to you.

  • Build your confidence and focus on your strengths, instead of the ways you feel 'not enough'.

  • Practice self-compassion and kindness by honouring your own needs and wellbeing - knowing this will only benefit those you serve and care about.

  • Stop hiding and holding back, so you can speak your truth and step fully into being fully, authentically and courageously YOU.

We'll help you work through...



Work-life imbalances

Boundary issues

People pleasing

Low self-confidence



Second-guessing & indecision

Performance pressure

Stress & burnout

So you can feel more...

  • Confident

  • Inspired & energised

  • Compassionate & loving towards yourself

  • Assertive

  • Decisive

  • Impactful

  • Authentically YOU

  • Courageous & committed to living your passion & purpose.

If you're ready to create success on your terms while enhancing your wellbeing, then read on to learn more about how we can help you...

Meet your coach...

Emily is the Co-Founder and Principal Coach at True Colours Co as well as a registered Counselling Psychologist in Australia.

Emily is a highly skilled coach with a background in leadership, psychology and business. She launched her first coaching business and psychology practice in 2016.

For more than a decade Emily has lead, coached and counselled women from all walks of life to help them create their dream business, career and life, while overcoming the challenges of overwork, perfectionism and self-doubt.

As a high performing business owner, leader, coach, psychologist (and Mum!) - Emily will help you prioritise your inner confidence, self-leadership, wellbeing and tap into your strengths, so you can create the success and impact you dream of, on your terms.

Learn more about Emily here.

Watch the video to learn how we'll help you Thrive...


What's different about Thrive 1:1 Coaching with True Colours Co?

Thrive 1:1 coaching is a scientifically rooted approach, designed to help you experience enhanced wellbeing and performance in your personal life, career and business, using effective, evidence-based, strengths-based and positive psychology interventions and coaching.

We'll help you tap into your strengths and address unhelpful beliefs which may be interfering with the achievement of your personal and professional goals.

Boundary setting is a great example! Maybe you want to set boundaries, but you're worried about encountering conflict.

We'll help you develop the confidence to set boundaries, be more assertive in your communication and expand your capacity to cope with conflict - so you can more effectively manage the demands of work and the expectations of others, whilst also enhancing your own personal wellbeing.

How much time will I need to invest to get the benefits of 1:1 coaching?

You choose a coaching schedule that works for you!

Book a single session to kick off your goals for the year. Or set yourself a 3, 6 or 12 month program where you invest an hour a week, one hour a fortnight or one session per month. It's entirely up to you.

Thrive 1:1 Coaching will help you ensure the time you invest into your goals outside sessions will likely be far more effective and efficient - because you'll have more focus and clarity to help you choose exactly what to do to progress your goals.

Who's Thrive 1:1 Coaching designed for?

Thrive 1:1 coaching is designed for high performing and high achieving women who may be experiencing self-doubt, imposter feelings, burnout or holding themselves to unrelenting expectations.

They may already be performing at very high levels, as a business owner or leader in their field, but not necessarily having the impact they dream of or enjoying the journey as much as they would like.

If you're an impact driven woman who wants to make a difference in the world, in a way that feels lighter and more inspiring to you, instead of heavy or overwhelming, Thrive 1:1 Coaching has been created for you.

How to know if Thrive 1:1 Coaching is for me?

Thrive 1:1 Coaching is for you if you're ready to make positive changes, to perform at your best, achieve the results you want in your business, career and life whilst also treating yourself with greater kindness, compassion and love.

Thrive coaching will help you work smarter, not harder, so you can feel proud at the end of the day of all you've achieved, while being able to relax and sleep peacefully when your head hits the pillow too.

What's the investment?

Enrol in a single 60 minute coaching session for $97 AUD, or a 90 minute session for $127 AUD, whenever you choose!

There's no lock in contracts or commitments, so you can book in as many or few sessions, as often as you like, to design a bespoke program specifically for you!

How does Thrive 1:1 Coaching work?

Inside your first Thrive coaching session we'll work with you to help you clearly define the specific goals you're wanting to achieve both personally and professionally and the timeframe in which you want to achieve these.

From there we'll help you create a tailored plan to turn your vision into reality, take the steps you need to between sessions, as well as regularly review progress and overcome challenges which may come up on your journey.

Imagine kicking off every week with a clear plan for the week ahead and a sense of excitement about all you're creating, as well as having the peace of mind and space to enjoy the journey while you're at it!

We'll support you using an evidence based and holistic model of coaching support - that's tailored for you - so can Thrive in the life areas that matter most to you.

Take the first step...

Step 1 - Schedule your complimentary online 15 minute appointment to meet with Emily and learn whether Thrive 1:1 Coaching is right for you.

Step 2 - On this call, Emily will walk you through how coaching works, learn more about your career, business and life goals and talk with you about how we can help. You can also ask any questions you have about coaching - so you can decide if it's the right fit for you.

Step 3 - After the appointment we'll send you a link you can use to book in for sessions whenever you choose!

(Monday, Friday and Saturday Availability)

Learn more...

Simply book your complimentary 15 minute online appointment to find out whether Thrive 1:1 coaching is right for you.

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