Women's Wellbeing Series

Module - Unlock Your Unique Pathway to Wellbeing!

Map out an achievable pathway to prioritise your wellbeing.

  • Unlock happiness, energy, and meaning in your life with evidence-based coaching, positive psychology, and wellbeing tools in this digital module and workbook pack.

  • Create a clear, holistic vision for your career, business, life and wellbeing and an achievable strategy and action plan to help you turn your vision into reality.

  • Do more of what you love to do every day knowing these healthy and nurturing choices are good for you and those you love and support too.

  • Join an empowering online community of women for support in achieving your wellbeing goals.


  • Lifetime access to the module videos, resources and workbooks.

  • Work through the materials at your own pace and come back to it any time.

  • A LIVE lunchtime (AEDT) Q & A session (once every 3 months), to support your implementation of the program, as well as, overcome challenges and unlock your personal wellbeing goals.

  • One month of access to an empowering online community of women for support in setting your holistic yearly career, business, life and wellbeing goals.

  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee (No questions asked)

  • Access a VIP Upgrade option for more personalised support - Add on a 50 Minute 1:1 Thrive Coaching Session for just $77AUD (SAVE $20)


What makes Thrive different than other wellbeing programs for women?

Thrive is an 8-month program that draws on effective, evidence-based wellbeing, coaching, and positive psychology tools. Its primary goal is to help you leverage your strengths more efficiently for greater impact (instead of filling any perceived 'gaps'), whilst enhancing your wellbeing, so you can make the difference in the world you dream of and thoroughly enjoy your life too!

What module in the series is live now and how can it benefit me?

The first module - Unlock Your Unique Path to Wellbeing - is LIVE now!

Inside this module I'll help you let go of the 'should's' and get clear on exactly what's most important to YOU. You'll come away with a simple, yet clear vision for your career, business & life along with an achievable strategy, so you can start taking powerful steps towards your vision today.

Is this program just tools I can use myself, or can I use these with my clients and team members' as well?

You can absolutely draw on these tools in your work with clients and your teams as well! We're here to support you to create wellbeing in your own life and be a ripple of wellbeing in the world for those you support and care about too! All our tools are evidence-based so you can confidently use them time and time again in your team building, client practice and to enhance your own wellbeing!

Why join the program today instead of waiting for the next round?

Thrive is an evergreen and fully supported live wellbeing series with both pre-recorded and live sessions. On joining you'll receive immediate access to effective wellbeing tools that you can tap into on demand. You'll also receive tailored support and accountability over your 8 month enrolment in the program.

The first LIVE Q & A session for the series kicks off on the 22/2/24 when you'll become part of the founding group of Thrive women, so you can kick your wellbeing goals off now for 2024, feed into the content of the program itself as it rolls out (one module per month) and receive personalised accountability and support commencing today!

What am I getting for my $197 investment?

Inside Thrive you'll receive 8 months of wellbeing coaching support and accountability including tools, live Q & A sessions and a small group atmosphere (max 12 participants) as part of this first founders round of the series.

The series will be highly personalised and responsive to your feedback, and provide support to help you achieve your personal wellbeing goals and needs. If you need support in a specific area - we'll be able to chat about it inside the program. I'll then create 'on-demand' wellbeing resources for you and be available to support your implementation every step of the way.

What's my time investment if I join Thrive? I don't want to add more to my 'to-do' list!

As a busy, impact driven woman, this program is created with your precious time and energy in mind! The series modules are delivered in short, 'no-fluff' videos and workbook style activities and are paired with tailored live support, so you gain the all the benefits the series has to offer with minimal time investment. Best of all, everything we do is designed to free up your time so you have more time available in your day-to-day life to focus on what's most important to YOU!

Is this a self-paced program or is there accountability and support built in to help me stay on track?

Thrive blends together pre-recorded, live sessions and personalised support and accountability to help you stay on track with the program. The small group experience (max 12 participants) enables us to tailor the experience to suit your unique style of learning and approaching your wellbeing and personal growth goals. You'll then have access to all the resources, videos and workbooks when your program is complete so you can tap into individual activities, videos, modules as needed any time.

Do I need to purchase the whole series or can I buy the modules that suit me?

Thrive is available as a complete series or individual modules you can purchase separately and complete one module up to all eight! It's completely up to you how you choose to structure your own wellbeing program.

I've bought pre-recorded programs before but never finished them, how is this different?

We know your time is precious and have created this program to be time efficient and digestible, so you can easily complete the modules in your own time with minimal time investment.

Each module includes short, yet powerful standalone exercises that add great benefits to you on their own. There's no need to complete whole modules, or the whole series, to gain the benefits of what's inside.

Each activity has also been created to help you find greater simplicity, focus and let go of what's no longer serving you, so the time you do put into the program will help you save time elsewhere, doing something less impactful in progressing your wellbeing goals.

Most importantly, Thrive is designed to tap into your strengths, so we won't be adding more to your 'to-do' list. You won't need to spend lots of time learning new things or practicing new skills, but will instead be more effectively tapping into the skills and resources that already exist within you, that you may not have been fully utilising. We're here to help you conserve your precious time and energy!

What if I start the series and find it's not right for me?

No hard feelings at all! We want you to be completely satisfied with your experience, so if you find it's not for you, we'll refund your money in your first 30 days of the program - no questions asked!

Will I receive a certificate I can use for my work PD?

Yes, absolutely! A certificate will be provided when you complete the program and can be provided for individual modules also on request.

Unlock Your Unique Path to Wellbeing is LIVE now!

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